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Week Ending December 10, 2023

Developer News

Kubernetes Contributor Summit Europe will take place on during Kubecon week in Paris, near the Kubecon venue. More details, and a CfP for planned Summit sessions, soon.

Elena Hashman has resigned as co-chair of SIG-Instrumentation. Han Kang has nominated Pranshu Srivastava as a replacement Chair.

The Cloud Native Security Slam has been delayed to December 15th. Please participate on behalf of Kubernetes.

Maintainer Session submissions for Kubecon EU are due December 31. SIG Leads have already received their application links. You do not need to be a Lead to present a maintainer session, just to submit one, so if you have a good idea for your SIG’s session, pitch it to a SIG Chair.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: 1.29 Released, December 13

We are still on schedule to release 1.29 this week.

Since new versions of golang can break things in obscure places, we ask the community to please download and test RC2 against your own internal tests, and file issues if you see them.

Shadow Applications to join the 1.30 Release Team are open.

Patch releases are expected out on the 19th. Note that these patch releases will not be available from the legacy repos. Please update your tooling to pull images from pkgs.k8s.io.

KEP of the Week

KEP 1287: In-place Update of Pod Resources

This KEP makes the PodSpec mutable so that Pod resource requests and limits can be updated in-place, without having to restart the Pod or its Containers. The KEP improves the Container Runtime Interface (CRI) APIs for managing a Container’s memory and CPU resource configuration on the runtime. Making the PodSpec mutable would allow us to scale Pods which are having insufficient resources without having to restart the Pod. This is useful for stateful and batch workloads where Pod restart can be a serious disruption.

This KEP dates back as far as 2019, and it is going into alpha stage in the upcoming v1.29 release.

Version Updates

Subprojects and Dependency Updates

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