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Week Ending December 17, 2023

Developer News

Kubernetes 1.29 was released! Major features include KMSv2 encryption GA, nftables for Kube-Proxy, and APIs for IP address management. Find out more in the release notes.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: 1.30 Cycle Begins, January 2024

We are in the holiday period between releases; dates for 1.30 have not been published yet. Release team selection is happening.

Patch releases are expected for all supported versions this week.

#117046: client-go: allow adding indexes after informer starts

Indexers allow API clients to build complex query logic against their local streaming cache of objects. This can range from simple value-based lookups to more complex selector implementations. Up until now, it’s been required to tell the API caches ahead of time, so they could be run as the caches were initialized. But Kubernetes clients, especially Operators which made heavy use of this feature, are complex and dynamic places and sometimes this became a frustrating limitation. No more! Now new indexes can be added at runtime and will automatically backfill the data for you. This unlocks many new options for Operator developers around dynamic object management and only paying the costs of indexing when it’s needed.

#121912: CEL library extensions for IP Address and CIDR network parsing

As we’ve integrated CEL into more places, we’ve slowly found use cases that would be best served by having more CEL “standard library” functions. This PR adds helpers for IPs and CIDR masks, allowing for validation checks like “field must be an IP in canonical form” or “provided IP must match this CIDR mask”.

Note that due to CEL compatibility rules, by default these functions will not be enabled in Kubernetes 1.30 as we require N-1 compat for objects. So this will be generally available in 1.31 instead.

KEP of the Week

KEP 2395: Removing In-Tree Cloud Provider Code

This KEP aims to remove all the cloud provider specific code from the kubernetes/kubernetes repository. This is helpful since it will allow the cloud providers to develop and release their code independent from the Kubernetes release cycle. The KEP goes into the details of how this change is to implemented in four phases. The cloud provider code would first be moved to staging. The controller managers of the respective cloud providers would be built from their own repositories in the second phase. In the third phase, all the cloud provider code would be moved to the respective k/cloud-provider-<provider> repository. In the final phase, the support for in-tree cloud providers would be disabled by setting the DisableCloudProviders and DisableKubeletCloudCredentialProvider flags to true by default.

This KEP graduated to beta in the recent v1.29 release.

Other Merges

Test Cleanup: autoscaling DNS


Version Updates

Subprojects and Dependency Updates

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