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Week Ending December 24, 2023

Developer News

SIG Release updated its roadmap for 2024 onwards. If you want to contribute, just reach out to SIG Release using the K8s Slack (#sig-release) or comment on any of the open GitHub issues.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: 1.30 Cycle Begins, January 2024

We are in the holiday period between releases; dates for 1.30 have not been published yet. If you want to become a part of the Release team, apply soon! Shadow applications are open until Wednesday, January 3rd 2024 and will be reviewed until January 12th 2024. Use this form to apply.

k/website #44478: Add shortcode to generate Feature gates tables

Major work has been done to facilitate the generation of the feature gates reference in the Kubernetes website from information stored in feature description files. Custom Hugo shortcodes for generating feature gates tables have been added in this PR. The new feature-gate-table shortcode generates feature gate tables for features in Alpha or Beta, graduated or deprecated features, as well as feature gates that are removed. The shortcode also validates the name of the stage and the format of the version in the feature description file. This PR builds on top of #41793 Switch to per-file feature gate descriptions, which added a shortcode to render feature gate descriptions.

If you’re working on a change that’s behind a feature gate, read the updated advice about how to document the feature gate or update it for a graduation.

KEP of the Week

KEP 4020: Unknown Version Interoperability Proxy

This KEP proposes to solve an issue that arises when multiple API servers are running in a cluster, and specifically when they are not all serving the same set of API versions. That situation can happen when a cluster upgrade / downgrade is happening, or during the rollout of a a runtime configuration change. All the different API servers might not be able to serve all the resources in all the different versions. This proposed filter will proxy clients to an API server that is capable of handling the request from the client. The KEP proposes to use the existing StorageVersion information in each API server’s discovery document to figure out which group, version and resource types an API server can serve. If the API server doesn’t have the requested group/version/resource locally, the request will be proxied to one of the API servers listed in the ServerStorageVersion data.

This KEP reached the alpha stage as part of the v1.28 release.

Other Merges

Version Updates

Subprojects and Dependency Updates

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