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Week Ending January 28, 2024

Developer News

Registration for the Kubernetes Contributor Summit EU 2024 is officially open! You can find the registration link here The call for Contributor Summit Sessions is still open, for your discussions, workshops, or SIG meetings.

Members with NO recorded activity (PRs, issues, comments, or any GitHub emitted event) on Devstats across any of the Kubernetes orgs for 12 months or longer will be removed from the Kubernetes GitHub orgs. Check the list of inactive members who are slated to be removed; if you are on it, but are actually still active, comment on the issue

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Production Readiness Freeze, February 1st

The Call for Enhancements is still open. Make sure to opt-in well before the Production Readiness Review Freeze on 1st Feb to ensure adequate time for reviews. This is your chance to decide what feature(s) you can realistically finish before March 6.

#122886: [CEL Library] Unstructured Object Construction Support

As CEL support has been added in more and more places throughout Kubernetes, one feature we’ve not yet had is the ability to construct whole new deeply-nested objects in CEL expressions. This PR adds support for a syntax similar to Go structs which works in CEL:

    spec: Object.spec{
        replicas: 3

Currently this can only be used to creating non-schema-enforcing Unstructureds however the plan is to add schema checks using OpenAPI data in the future. Look forward to more support functions being added for using and manipulating these objects too!

Other Merges



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