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Week Ending February 04, 2024

Developer News

Just thought of a topic for the Contributor Summit but missed the CfP for planned sessions? Add your idea to the Unconference voting issue. Planned session confirmations will be sent out later this month.

Prow is moving out of it’s parents basement (i.e. k/test-infra) into its own repo.

Reminder: inactive org member cleanup

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Enhancements Freeze, February 8th

Kubernetes v1.30.0-alpha.1 is live!

Enhancements freeze is now just a few days away. This is a final reminder is out! Prepare your KEPs for the Production Readiness Review. If you plan to implement any features, deprecations, or removals during the 1.30 release cycle, make sure to opt-in your KEP(s) before the Enhancements Freeze on February 8th.

Patch release cherry-pick deadline is February 9.

KEP of the Week

KEP-4192: Move Storage Version Migrator in-tree

Kubernetes heavily relies on consistently updating stored resource data for various maintenance tasks related to storage. This includes scenarios like transitioning from one storage schema version to another (for instance, moving from v1beta1 to v1) and updating encryption methods for data at rest. Currently, the common method for rewriting data involves issuing no-op update requests via kubectl get <resource> | kubectl replace -. However, this approach poses challenges, especially for resource-heavy entities like Kubernetes secrets, and requires automation due to the constantly growing number of resources needing migration.

During storage migration processes, conflicts during update requests can be safely ignored, and inconsistent continue tokens during paginated list operations are also deemed safe since the primary concern is rewriting data rather than how it’s rewritten. This proposal seeks to simplify storage migrations for users by abstracting away these complexities.

This KEP was first released in v1.29 and is currently tracked for beta in the upcoming v1.30 release.

Other Merges


Version Updates

Subprojects and Dependency Updates

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