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Week Ending February 18, 2024

Developer News

Kubernetes Contributor Summit Paris scheduled session speakers have been notified. The Schedule will be available on 25th Feb.

Natasha Sarkar is stepping down as SIG-CLI co-chair and Kustomize lead; Marly Puckett is replacing her as co-Chair, and Yugo Kobayashi is taking on Kustomize.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Exception Requests Due, February 26th

We are in Enhancements Freeze with 85 Enhancements on the tracking board. Any KEPs that wish to join the v1.30 release must now have an approved Exception.

KEP of the Week

4402: go workspaces

SIG-Arch is adding go workspace support to Kubernetes to simplfy our build tools adn remove code. However, all code generation tools based on gengo will break, and the CLI for kube_codegen will change. If you use any of our code generation tools, you will have work to do after the PR merges, probably for 1.31.

Other Merges


Subprojects and Dependency Updates

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