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Week Ending April 07, 2024

Developer News

The videos of the Kubernetes Contributor Summit EU are now available.

Arda Guclu has been nominated as a new chair for SIG CLI.

A new working group, WG Device Management, has been formed to address the need for improved support for accelerators in Kubernetes.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Release Day, April 17th

We’re closing in on the release of Kubernetes v1.30, which is scheduled for next Wednesday.

This PR to the Kubernetes website adds a new partial layout named api-reference-links.html to fetch the link of the API reference page based on the metadata present in the front matter of the file and adds the API reference link in the page links section. If a concept page has links to multiple API references, all of them will be listed in the links section.

KEP of the Week

KEP 4008: CRD Validation Ratcheting

This KEP proposes to allow custom resources with failing validations to pass if a patch does not alter any of the invalid fields. Currently, validation of unchanged fields stands as a barrier for both CRD authors and Kubernetes developers. This KEP proposes the CRDValidationRatcheting feature flag, which when enabled allows updates to custom resources that fail validation to succeed, if the validation errors when on unchanged keypaths. This makes it easier to change CRD validations without breaking existing workflows.

This KEP is tracked to graduate to beta in the upcoming v1.30 release

Subprojects and Dependency Updates

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