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Week Ending May 26, 2024

Developer News

Keith Mattix has stepped down from Gateway API Mesh and nominated Mike Norris.

Are you a Party Person? Do you enjoy arranging events so that your friends can have a good time? Will you be at KubeCon NA 2024? If so, the Summit Team could use your help as the Lead for the Contributor Social. Please add yourself to the issue if interested.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Production Readiness Freeze, June 6th, 2024

The v1.31 release is in full swing now and the enhancements collection is still going on. We currently have 43 enhancements opted in for the release, out of which 20 are in alpha, 9 graduating to beta and 10 graduating to GA. If you are planning to submit a KEP in the v1.31 release, make sure to get a lead-opted-in label for your enhancement from the respective SIG leads and make sure to get your PRR reviews done in time. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in the #release-enhancements channel in Slack.

KEP of the Week

4222: CBOR Serializer

The Kubernetes API has always supported JSON, but it’s “talky” and requires a lot of CPU to serialize and deserialize large, complex objects, so a few years ago we added gRPC support. Binary serialization using gRPC requires a fraction of the CPU time, but requires code generation at build time. This left CRDs in the slow lane. Enter CBOR (Concise Binary Object Representation), an IETF standard, which lets CRDs retain their flexibility while gaining 2X to 8X serialization speed.

CBOR support was proposed by Ben Luddy in 2019. It was planned as Alpha for 1.30, but is still WIP; if you use a lot of CRDs, consider helping Luddy close bugs and write docs.

Other Merges


Version Updates

Subprojects and Dependency Updates

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