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Week Ending June 16, 2024

Developer News

Kubelet node IP address assignment is still “fragile and broken,” with yet another PR this week. As such, Antonio Ojea would like people who work on external cloud providers to weigh in on a long-term solution.

SIG-Etcd and SIG-Cluster Lifecycle have proposed a new Etcd Operator WG in order to create one.

The call for session proposals for the Contributor Summit in Salt Lake City is open. This includes proposals for presentations, demos, discussions, workshops, and SIG/team meetings; really, anything that should go on the KCS schedule except for the Doc Sprints (which are already there). Submit before September 15.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Docs Deadline for placeholder PRs, June 27th

Kubernetes v1.31.0-alpha.2 is live!

We are in Enhancements Freeze now, and currently have 71 opted-in, 54 tracked, and 7 removed features. If your feature missed the deadline, you need to file an Exception.

Patch releases for 1.27.15, 1.28.11, 1.29.6 and 1.30.2 came out last week, with an update to Go versions 1.21.11 and 1.22.4.

#125029 kubeadm: enable the v1beta4 API

This PR implements the necessary changes to support the new v1beta4 kubeadm API in Kubernetes. Key updates include the conversion of extraArgs to a list of name/value pairs, the replacement of several configuration fields for improved clarity, and the introduction of the kubeadm config migrate command for seamless migration from v1beta3 to v1beta4. While v1beta3 is deprecated, it remains supported until version 1.34 or later.

KEP of the Week

KEP 4444: Traffic Distribution for Services

This KEP aims to introduce a new field, trafficDistribution, to the Kubernetes Service specification. This enhancement is designed to supersede the existing service.kubernetes.io/topology-mode annotation and the deprecated topologyKeys field to provide a more flexible, user-friendly approach to routing traffic within Kubernetes clusters.

This KEP is tracked for beta release in the upcoming v1.31.

Other Merges



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