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Week Ending June 23, 2024

Developer News

Reminder: all jobs on the old test cluster must migrate or die by August 1. Here’s a table of unmigrated jobs. While you’re at it, start working on using --label-filter to revise how Prow runs your tests.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Docs Deadline for placeholder PRs, June 27th

The code freeze deadline has been extended from July 10th to July 24th, adding 2 weeks of time in lieu of the US holidays.

#125560 Add field management support to fake client-go typed client

This PR introduces a new feature by adding field management support to the fake client-go typed client. This enhancement allows developers to use fake.NewClientset() instead of fake.NewSimpleClientset() to create a clientset with managed field support. This improvement addresses issue where Server-Side Apply (and fieldmanagement) was missing in client-go/fake and is crucial for more accurate testing and simulation of Kubernetes API server behaviors in client-go. It ensures that the fake client mimics real client behaviors more closely, benefiting developers who rely on it for unit testing. For more details, refer to kubernetes/client-go#1184 and #99953.

KEP of the Week

KEP 4193: Bound service account token improvements

This (KEP) aims to bind Pod’s associated Node information into Kubernetes service account tokens, enhancing their security and traceability. By embedding the Node’s name and UID into the JWT tokens and including unique identifiers (JTIs), the KEP ensures robust identity verification and improves auditability. This includes extending the TokenRequest API to bind tokens to Node objects and modifying the TokenReview API to validate these tokens. These changes support mitigating replay attacks and improving the overall security posture of Kubernetes clusters by providing a clear, traceable link between tokens and their originating Node objects.

This KEP is tracked for beta release in the upcoming v1.31.

Other Merges



Version Updates

Subprojects and Dependency Updates

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