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Week Ending June 30, 2024

Developer News

The Kubernetes Contributor Summit is looking for day-of-event volunteers. If you think you’ll be going and want to help out, please fill out the form. Also don’t forget to propose a session.

Paul Morie will be stepping down from SIG-Multicluster leadership. Stephen Kitt is nominated to replace him.

Maintainer Track proposals for SIGs and WGs are open until July 20 for KubeCon SLC.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Docs PRs ready for review, July 16th

Kubernetes v1.31.0-alpha.3 is live!

The Code Freeze milestone for the Kubernetes 1.31 release cycle is moved to 24th July. Have all your necessary changes been submitted? Following this, there’s the usual release countdown: publish deprecation blog on Thursday 18th July, and conclude testing freeze and documentation finalization next week. Once we enter Code Freeze, please promptly address any test failures. Questions can be answered on #SIG-release.

July patch releases have been delayed to July 16th in order to pick up an expected Golang update.

#125029 kubeadm: enable the v1beta4 API

This PR introduces the v1beta4 API for kubeadm, incorporating essential changes to enhance functionality and support duplicate arguments in configurations. Special modifications include the restructuring of “extraArgs” into name/value pairs, updates to timeout fields, and a migration command to transition from v1beta3. While v1beta3 is now deprecated, it remains supported until version 1.34.

Other Merges



Subprojects and Dependency Updates

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